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Committed to sustainability

Polyvine Ltd is committed to sustainable practices, and we scrutinise every area of our business to ensure we are meeting, if not exceeding, best practice when it comes to minimising our impact on the environment. Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint include:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Minimising waste through recycling and reusing
  • Safe and responsible disposal of unavoidable waste
  • Manufacturing in the UK with low transportation miles
  • We only use recycled plastic for our packaging
  • Water treatment plant which separates waste from water
  • Using energy-saving lights and solar panels
  • Sending steel drums and metals for scrap metal recycling
  • Shredding and recycling old documents and paper
  • Printer cartridges are collected and recycles
  • Using reusable safety gloves
  • Recycling stretch wrap and damaged pallets

A range of sustainable products

We are so proud to have a number of products within the Polyvine range that are incredibly environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Low VOCs

We have three products that contain minimal VOCs.  Our Varnish & Paint Remover contains a negligible amount of 0.007 g/l.  Our Wood Oil contains 4g/l.  Our Stone & Brick Protector contains less than 1g/l.

Safe to use

These three products are super safe to use, and don’t require masks or PPE, and you can also use in non-ventilated areas.

Household, child and pet safe

These products are reassuringly safe to use in a household, and around children and pets.

Water-based Varnishes

The Polyvine range is mainly made of up water-based varnishes, already setting us apart from solvent based products.

To find out more, visit our product pages.

Committed to our people

Polyvine is a family-run business with family values at our core. It is vital to us that every employee feels welcomed, valued, and looked after.

We take our company culture really seriously, which means investing in training and professional development, and equipment that meets the highest standards of safety.

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