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Can I use your varnish to protect wallpaper?

I need to use a solvent varnish but I don’t want it to yellow. What do you suggest?

Will my wooden table turn yellow after varnishing?

Can I use Polyvine Varnish and Paint Remover on solvent based products?

Are your varnishes vegan?

What varnish should I use for interior wood protection that will not impart any colour tint to the bare wood?

Can I apply Polyvine Decorators Varnish over Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood varnish?

Is it ok to use Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood varnish over a water based paint?

Are your varnishes food safe?

If I can not shake your varnish, how am I meant to mix it?

“Just wondering what product of yours is best to seal a newly painted limewash wall?”

Can Polyvine Decorators Varnish be applied to paint?

Can I water down Polyvine Oil Scumble with white spirit?

What colour is Polyvine Pearl Metallic?

Can the Wood Oil be sprayed?

Can I apply dead flat varnish over the satin?

Where can I buy UK/Abroad?

The paint does not look even.

Which varnish do I use to protect the glaze?

Which glaze should I use?

Do you have anything suitable for bare plaster?

Which varnish can I use to protect a mural?

The varnish appears white?

The varnish is peeling off?

What can I use for laminated doors?

What can I use for external Oak?

Can I paint over Polyvine Decorators Varnish?

How do I prepare the job?

How long can I store the product for?

Can I spray Polyvine Varnish?

How do you apply Polyvine varnish?

What can I use to protect Gold leaf?

Dead Flat finish is not Dead Flat.

Exterior coatings and their performance in exterior applications

Dead flat reflections and how we achieve dead flat finishes

Exterior wood varnish and avoiding the most common problems

Varnish failures and why your varnish might fail

Protecting timber from the effects of UV

Can I colour Wax Finish Varnish to match a particular wood?

Which varnish should I use to protect wooden surfaces from moisture in a bathroom or kitchen?

Can Polyvine Acrylic Enamel be used in an airbrush?

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