Not just a varnish

It’s part of your home

Here at Polyvine, we work hard to provide a range of varnishes that can be used on various aspects of your home.

Decorator’s Varnish in dead flat is ideal to protect a beautiful wallpaper in your living room, Heavy Duty Wood Varnish is ideal for the kitchen table,

and Crystal Clear Lacquer is the perfect finish to that home upcycle piece you’ve been working on.

Inspiration indoors

Ultra-tough protection for floors

Make sure you are protecting your client’s flooring with the ultimate in heavy duty floor varnish.

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High performing varnishes

Endless traipsing up and down a hallway floor leads to permanent wear and tear, streams of sunlight coming through the window lead to fading wall colour, and piles of dishes, lunchboxes and coffee cups means for a worn wooden worktop.

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Hardwearing surfaces

Sometimes, only the toughest protection will do. Polyvine’s Heavy Duty Extreme offers a highly durable, tough protection for those high wear areas.

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