image of skull murals side by side showing the effects of Polyvine decorators varnish over time

Mural Protection

Decorators’ Varnish for Mural Protection

Do you know how to achieve great Mural Protection?

Polyvine Decorators’ Varnish can be used to give interior and exterior murals the protection they deserve.  Mural Protection means keeping the mural’s beautiful colours bright and bold, giving the piece protection from UV rays, and stopping it getting water damaged.

The proof is in the pudding!

Decorators Varnish can do just this, in fact we have proof!

Do you know the story behind the original skull murals at The Thee Amigos Skate Shop in Camden, London? On their original shop exterior art, Polyvine Decorators’ Varnish was used to protect the vibrant colours from fading over time. This mural was up for around 9 years, but a few years down the line, Polyvine were sent an image of the mural, which had faded everywhere but on the skulls! Why? Well, the varnish had only been applied around the skull artwork, to protect these gorgeous colours, and not on the background. This simply shows how effective our decorators varnish is for protecting against the UV rays that cause colours to face over time.

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