UV protection

When the sun is out, make sure your exteriors are well protected

Polyvine stock a number of coatings that will protect an exterior substrate from UV rays, preventing colour fading and ageing over time.

Choose from Decorator’s Varnish, Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish, Exterior Wood Varnish, Wood Oil and Wood Dye for high UV protection.

Polyvine lead in the technology of protecting timber from water and UV. Our industry leading laboratory has enabled Polyvine to develop a unique UV protection system which when combined with waterproof binders gives the highest level of protection to our clear oils and varnishes.

You can’t completely stop or reverse the weathering of exterior wood, but you can slow the process dramatically by using the right type of finish system.

The two most destructive environmental variables to an exterior coating system and the wood beneath are sunlight and water. Sunlight is the major cause of damage to wood.

One component of sunlight is ultraviolet light, commonly referred to as UV. The ultraviolet component of sunlight (280–400 nanometres) is principally responsible for this degradation. UV light is responsible for most of the damage to exposed wood because it changes or destroys the wood’s lignin, a component of wood that hardens and strengthens the cell walls.

To find out more about Polyvine UV protection, you can visit our technical pages where you will find a number of technical helpsheets.


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