What do you know about Polyvine Stone & Brick Protector?

Why use Polyvine Stone and Brick Protector?Polyvine Stone and Brick Protector

If you’re looking or a completely natural finish inside or out, Polyvine’s Stone and Brick Protector is the perfect choice.

Invisible, penetrative and waterproof, this seals and protects without changing the appearance of the substrate – all with one coat.  That means high performance, with less work for you!

This is a high-performing stone and brick coating that’s absorbed into the substrate, for ultimate protection and a beautiful finish.

How does Polyvine Stone and Brick Protector work?

A water-based masonry protector and water repellent, it penetrates porous substrates to form a barrier to water, moisture, grease, oil acid, alkali and salts. It’ll also suppress mould and fungal growth, and the formation of salts on natural masonry surfaces.

Ultra low VOCs and safe to use

This Stone and Brick Protector has ultra-low solvents and ultra-low VOCs (under 1g/l), making it really safe to use.


Stone and Brick protector repels water, leaving your substrate totally water proof.  Watch as the beads of water gather and roll off the surface!

Where can it be used?

Use the Stone and Brick Protector on interior and exterior stone, brick, flagstones, fireplaces, exposed stone walls, sandstone, plaster, slate, stone window ledges and more.

Want to see for yourself?

Watch the Stone and Brick Protector work its magic on a concrete garage floor.  View over on our Instagram page.

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Visit our Stone and Brick Protector product page to find our more, download technical data sheets, and to find your local stockist.

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