Polyvine Exterior Products

Spring is here…

Spring is here, so the time for exterior work has come, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the Polyvine Exterior Products in the Polyvine range.

Polyvine Exterior Products

So what exterior products do Polyvine have?  You can choose from the following:

  • Exterior Wood Varnish
  • Wood Oil
  • Wood Dye
  • Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish
  • Decking & Fencing Oil
  • Stone & Brick Protector


You can also use both our Decorators Varnish and Multi-Surface Lacquer if needed, and you can add a touch of lustre with the paints in our Metallic range, perfect for metal railings or gates.

Exterior Wood Varnish

A non-yellowing, quick-drying clear finish that protects against UV light and weather damage.

Our Exterior Wood Varnish is waterproof, microporous and UV-resistant, giving clear protection for exterior wood.

Its unique polymer system gives a silky satin finish, highlighting the natural grain of the wood. It is suitable for exterior softwood and hardwood timber applications, giving a high level of UV resistance, waterproofing and preservation. Available in satin and dead flat finishes.

Wood Oil

Polyvine’s Wood Oil is an ultra-low VOC oil, offering deep penetration for surfaces that need a waterproof finish with UV protection.

Based on renewable oils, this unique, UV-resistant oil protection for wood gives a silky-sheen finish and highlights the natural grain of the wood, with no added solvents.

It’s perfect for softwood and hardwood timber applications, giving deep penetration for waterproofing and preservation.

Our Wood Oil contains less than 7g/l VOC, compared to the EU industry-accepted standard of 400g/l VOC.

Wood Dye

Whether inside or out, produce a rich depth of colour to your wood by deeply penetrating it with Polyvine’s water-based wood dye, available in 11 different colours. Make sure you protect it with a clear varnish from the Polyvine range.

Polyvine’s Wood Dye is a quick-drying, light, fast, versatile, water-based dye. It’s been formulated to avoid unsightly overlap marks to give an even, lustrous finish. Perfect for interior or exterior use, it can be further protected with a layer or two of clear Polyvine varnish over the top.

Feeling creative? Our colours are fully intermixable, giving you a limitless range of colour possibilities to enrich the wood.

Colours available: mahogany, teak, walnut, medium oak, antique pine, green, blue, black, white, grey and taupe.

Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish

Our Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish is ideal for use on interior and exterior surfaces that need an ultra-tough waterproof finish with UV protection.

It’s the perfect varnish for ultimate protection of interior and exterior surfaces to an industrial level of finish.

UV blocking and absorption reduces greying, ageing and deterioration of surfaces. And biocides protect against mildew, mould and fungus.

It’s available in satin and dead flat finishes, and to achieve full UV protection, apply 3 coats of satin before a final coat of dead flat.

Our Heavy Duty varnish range brings the highest protection single packs ever developed.

Decking and Fencing Oil

A unique concentrated, one coat, clear, water repellent wax oil coating, formulated for the protection of externally exposed timber surfaces that produces a rich professional semi-gloss finish.

The grain and texture of the wood is accentuated and the timber is protected from drying out.

The dried coating provides UV resistance, water droplet repellence and protection against moisture ingress, warping, swelling, cracking, and splitting.

Ideal for protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of most types of timber decking and fencing and for renovating and restoring colour to old or new timber. It is perfect for use on decking, fences, garden sheds and other exterior timber.

Offering UV protection and repelling water, it will deliver a clear satin sheen while protecting from discolouration and fading from the sun, whilst maintaining the finish. Water repellent, does not blister or peel.

Create a plethora of colours by tinting with an oil colourant from the Polyvine range. Tint by up to 5% with a colour of your choice.

Stone and Brick Protector

For a completely natural finish inside or out, Polyvine’s Stone and Brick Protector is the perfect choice.

Invisible, penetrative and waterproof, this seals and protects without changing the appearance of the substrate – all with one coat.

This is a high-performing stone and brick coating that’s absorbed into the substrate, for ultimate protection and a beautiful finish, with ultra-low solvents and ultra-low VOCs (under 1g/l).

A water-based masonry protector and water repellent, it penetrates porous substrates to form a barrier to water, moisture, grease, oil acid, alkali and salts. It’ll also suppress mould and fungal growth, and the formation of salts on natural masonry surfaces.

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