varnish and paint remover

interior and exterior

polyvine varnish and paint remover
polyvine varnish and paint remover
  • varnish-and-paint-remover
  • varnish and paint remover 1 litre
  • varnish and paint remover 2 litre
  • varnish and paint remover 4 litre

an ultra-low VOC varnish and paint remover, that works on the majority of surfaces, which is safe and effective to use

A friendly varnish and paint remover, designed to be used on a range of surfaces including floors, doors, walls, furniture and more. Capable of removing multi-layers of product, this ultra-low VOC and ultra-low solvent product is household safe.

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Any colours shown are representations and should be used as guidance only.
Colours when applied will vary according to the material they are used on.

at a glance product info

  • interior - suitable for interior use
  • exterior - suitable for exterior use
  • water wash up - containers and tools wash in water
    water wash up
  • ultra low VOCs - no added solvents and ultra low Volatile Organic Compounds means a low odour working environment
    ultra low VOCs

unique qualities: • no fumes • ultra-low VOCs • ultra-low solvents • non-toxic • household safe • no ventilation required • removes multiple coats

ideal for: doors • walls • floors • furniture • worktops • window frames • interior and exterior woodwork

available in: 1 litre • 2 litre • 4 litre

coverage: 1 litre will cover up to 4-6 square metres depending on coating and thickness.

application and advice


Shake well to allow product to flow.


Apply liberally with a brush. The product will need to be left on the surface between 30 to 45 minutes before removing. Remove after required time with a scraper or a stainless steel scouring ball. Do not use wire wool as this will cause rust to penetrate into wooden surfaces. If required, apply a further coat and repeat. Once the surface has completely dried out, wash off any residue with a damp cloth or water. Use sandpaper to remove any small traces of finish.


Always apply to a test area before starting work. Use only as directed. Wash hands after use. Do not mix with other products. For prolonged use, or if removing toxic and/or lead-based paints, wear protective gloves.


Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application. Do not allow to freeze.

health, safety and the environment

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Contact with eyes: wash immediately with plenty of water. Contact with skin: wash off with soap and water. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Do not empty excess into drain or watercourses.

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