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business as usual
business as usual

business as usual

Polyvine are operating business as usual throughout the next period of national lockdown. Please visit to find your local Polyvine stockist.

happy Christmas from polyvine
happy Christmas from polyvine

the last date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is


Friday 18th December


Polyvine will shut down for Christmas on Wednesday 23rd December and re-open on Monday 4th January 2021


Please note, last order date above applies to UK and Ireland only

For help or further information, please call 01934 740305

hiring now!
hiring now!

we are looking for a general assistant for our factory and warehouse in Cheddar, Somerset


working hours 08:00- 16:30, Mon- Fri

good rates of pay plus company benefits

contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or to apply

Closing date for applications is Wed 6th Jan 2021

come and join the polyvine family



Instagram Competition
Instagram Competition

win £250 worth of Polyvine products

Polyvine are hosting a competition on Instagram to win £250 worth of Polyvine products!
Click here to view the competition post, and the competition terms and conditions can be found here.


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acrylic colourant datasheetacrylic colourant datasheet
acrylic colourant msdsacrylic colourant msds
acrylic enamel paint msdsacrylic enamel paint msds
acrylic size datasheetacrylic size datasheet
acrylic size msdsacrylic size msds
cascamite datasheetcascamite datasheet
cascamite msdscascamite msds
cascamite original msdscascamite original msds
cascaphen datasheetcascaphen datasheet
cascaphen msdscascaphen msds
cascarez GP msdscascarez GP msds
cascarez fast datasheetcascarez fast datasheet
cascarez fast grab msdscascarez fast grab msds
cascarez fast msdscascarez fast msds
cascarez gp datasheetcascarez gp datasheet
cascarez gp msdscascarez gp msds
cascatact datasheetcascatact datasheet
cascatact msdscascatact msds
chalk paint antiquing waxer datasheetchalk paint antiquing waxer datasheet
chalk paint antiquing waxer msdschalk paint antiquing waxer msds
chalk paint maker datasheetchalk paint maker datasheet
chalk paint maker msdschalk paint maker msds
chalk paint maker msds-1chalk paint maker msds-1
chalk paint waxer msdschalk paint waxer msds
classic colour scumble datasheetclassic colour scumble datasheet
classic colour scumble msdsclassic colour scumble msds
crackle glaze datasheetcrackle glaze datasheet
crackle glaze msdscrackle glaze msds
craquelure highlighter msdscraquelure highlighter msds
craquelure system datasheetcraquelure system datasheet
craquelure system msdscraquelure system msds
crystal clear lacquer datasheetcrystal clear lacquer datasheet
crystal clear lacquer msdscrystal clear lacquer msds
decorators varnish datasheetdecorators varnish datasheet
decorators varnish msdsdecorators varnish msds
exterior wood varnish datasheetexterior wood varnish datasheet
exterior wood varnish msdsexterior wood varnish msds
extra pale varnish datasheetextra pale varnish datasheet
extra pale varnish msdsextra pale varnish msds
glass frosting datasheetglass frosting datasheet
glass frosting msdsglass frosting msds
glitter paint maker datasheetglitter paint maker datasheet
glitter paint maker msdsglitter paint maker msds
heavy duty extreme varnish datasheetheavy duty extreme varnish datasheet
heavy duty extreme varnish msdsheavy duty extreme varnish msds
heavy duty floor varnish datasheetheavy duty floor varnish datasheet
heavy duty floor varnish msdsheavy duty floor varnish msds
heavy duty wood varnish datasheetheavy duty wood varnish datasheet
heavy duty wood varnish msdsheavy duty wood varnish msds
hickson decor antislip msdshickson decor antislip msds
hickson decor waxcoat datasheethickson decor waxcoat datasheet
hickson decor waxcoat msdshickson decor waxcoat msds
hickson decor woodstain datasheethickson decor woodstain datasheet
hickson decor woodstain msdshickson decor woodstain msds
metallic paint datasheetmetallic paint datasheet
metallic paint msdsmetallic paint msds
metallic shimmer datasheetmetallic shimmer datasheet
metallic shimmer msdsmetallic shimmer msds
oil-based scumble datasheetoil-based scumble datasheet
oil-based scumble msdsoil-based scumble msds
oil-based scumble pre-coloured datasheetoil-based scumble pre-coloured datasheet
oil-based scumble pre-coloured msdsoil-based scumble pre-coloured msds
oil colourant datasheetoil colourant datasheet
oil colourant msdsoil colourant msds
original scumble datasheetoriginal scumble datasheet
original scumble msdsoriginal scumble msds
sparkling glitter glaze datasheetsparkling glitter glaze datasheet
sparkling glitter glaze msdssparkling glitter glaze msds
sparkling metallic glitter msdssparkling metallic glitter msds
stone and brick protector datasheetstone and brick protector datasheet
stone and brick protector msdsstone and brick protector msds
tropical scumble datasheettropical scumble datasheet
tropical scumble msdstropical scumble msds
wax finish varnish datasheetwax finish varnish datasheet
wax finish varnish msdswax finish varnish msds
wood dye datasheetwood dye datasheet
wood dye msdswood dye msds
wood oil datasheetwood oil datasheet
wood oil msdswood oil msds
woodstain datasheetwoodstain datasheet
woodstain msdswoodstain msds
woodstain oil datasheetwoodstain oil datasheet
woodstain oil msdswoodstain oil msds