we care


as a company, polyvine is working towards minimising our impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of the business, reducing energy consumption, minimising the production of all types of waste through careful recycling, encouraging reuse, and the disposal of other waste that cannot be avoided, in a responsible manner.


manufactured in the UK - low transportation miles

solar panels - reduces our energy consumption from the grid

energy saving lights - reduces our energy usage

plastic - all plastic packaging right down to the plastic backing from our labels is recycled

water treatment plant - this separates waste from water, which is returned to the sewer after equipment washed down

cardboard - all unused cardboard is collected and recycled

plastic bottles - we use recycled plastic for our recyclable bottles

metal - steel drums and metals are collected and sent for scrap metal recycling

printer cartridges - our used printer cartridges are collected and recycled

old documents and paper - is shredded and recycled

our safety gloves - for pumping material, cleaning and wash-down of equipment are reusable

stretch wrap - all our used wrap is recycled

pallets - damaged pallets are recycled

wood oil
wood oil
ultra-low vocs
our packaging
our packaging
recycled and recyclable
Solar Makeover
Solar Makeover
Polyvine install solar roof panels